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  • Classical Music Management Agency in Korea.

    Sens Management was established in june 2010 in Seoul. It is the first management company within the classical music to provide truly integral management to artists' careers from Korea.

    Best concerts and finest musicians

    Sens collaborates with artists and companies to provide the best concerts combining the highest standards of music and management. Sens offices are based in Korea and Europe Sens delivers an international suite of capabilities including the management and touring of the finest musician as well as consulting and advisory work for sovereign clients and partners, arts institutions, concert halls, and culturally engaged company.

    A unique 360-degree service

    Sens collaborates with media and CD labels to provide a unique 360-degree service to artists, customers and clients alike.

    Ensures an outstanding industry presence

    Sens represents the world‟s most respected and beloved instrumentalists, taking great pride in nurturing young artists as they begin their careers and supporting the great musical stars of the world. Whether arranging a debut or producing an international tour, Sens ensures an outstanding industry presence for each instrumentalist it represents.

    Sens is able to showcase their own roster's talent, and the talent of many other renowned musicians, in performance venues around the world.

    Understanding the new worldwide artistic challenges

    Sens understand the new worldwide artistic challenges driven by a commitment to breaking new ground within the world of classical music.