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    2013-03-02, 2013-02-22,2013-02-28

    Sergio Tiempo, Korea Tour and concerto.

    After his succes at LG arts Center, his debut at Hollywood Bowl with G. Dudamel, Sergio Tiempo ''the most sponatinious pianist of his generation'' is back to Korea for a tour, recitals,Tchaikovsky Concerto...Seoul art center, Tchaikovsky concerto: Incheon Phil, Suwon Phil.

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    Seoul Art Center


    2012 08 06

    Lorenzo Gatto, Roberto Giordano. First recital in Korea IBK concert hall. Saint Saens Concerto

    For the first time in recital in Korea.
    Lorenzo Gatto will also play Saint Saens concerto .

    “Creative artist”, “libertarian violinist”, “passionate virtuoso”: such are some of the expressions used by a unanimous press to describe Lorenzo Gatto's talent and passion and it has to be said that he maintains a vibrant relationship with his public.
    A true revelation in the eyes of the greater public and international critics through his second prize and Public's prize at the prestigious Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition (Concours Musical International Reine Elisabeth) 2009, Lorenzo Gatto's talent has also been recognized with his winning of many other prizes of which the 1st prize and Public's Prize at the International RNCM Competition in Manchester (age 18) and the 1st prize at the International Andrea Postacchini Competition in Italy (age 16).

    August 6th. Seoul Art Center. IBK hall.
    9th Incheon Philharmonic, Saint Saen concerto

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    Denis Sungho, festival de wallonie, Belgium

    Denis Sungho, plays Albeniz, Villa Lobos, Giuliani. With Zaide string quartet, Boccherini " fandango"

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    2012- June 11th.

    Denis Sungho at Lugano. Martha Argerich Progetto.

    Denis Sungho will play at the prestigious Lugano festival. Denis Sungho is the first guitarist invited to perform at the festival.
    Sens is glad to announce the first Denis Sungho concert at Lugano.
    Sens do its best to creat a bridge between Korea and the world with music.

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    Inaki Urlezaga and Hwaum orchestra at Yeosu Expo

    The Iconic Inaki Urlezaga ballet, Hwaum orchestra. Yeosu Expo
    Korean creation

    이냐키 울레자가 발레,화음오케스트라,여수 박람회

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    March to June 2012 3.30 - 5.30 - 6.7

    MY... ''Conversation''. Insooni - Denis Sungho. Piazzolla, Insooni

    한국팝의 디바와 클래식계의 거장 기타리스트, 정상의 작곡가. 그들의 만남은 음악속에
    내포된 본질적인 표현을 넘어 그들만의 서정성과 깊은 감성, 우아함을 자아내는 연주
    를 선사 할 것 이다. 카네기홀에서 여러번의 공연을 한 한국의 디바 인순이와 역시 카네기홀에
    서 ‘떠오르는 스타'로서 데뷔무대를 갖은 드니성호 얀센스(Denis Sungho Janssens), 그리고
    카네기홀 레지던스 작곡자이자 요요마, Salerno-Sonnenberg 등의 작곡과 편곡을 하고 있는
    클라리스 아사드(Clarice Assad) 그들은 각 다른분야의 최고의 음악인들로써 이번 만남으로
    깊이 있는 감성과 그들만의 철학속에 새로운 해석으로 창조된 음악으로 폭 넓은 감성과 새로
    움을 지닌 감동의 음악세계가 펼쳐 질 것이다. Sting과 Karamazov의 만남, Argerich과 Sosa,
    Von Otter과 Costello의 만남처럼, 클라리스 아사드의 편곡된 작품으로 인순이와 드니성호가
    만나게 된다. 아시아에서 최초로 최정상급의 음악인들이 만들어 낼 이번공연에서는 인순이의
    레파토리와 한국의 전설적인 음악, 피아졸라의 음악으로 그들만의 철학이 담긴 특별함과 깊은
    공감으로 우리에게 감동을 선사 할 것이다.

    When diva Insooni meets star guitarist Denis Sungho surrounded by the world-class compositions and arrangements of Clarice Assad, expect nothing less than entrance into a unique and elegant musical world.
    Insooni is a respected superstar Diva singer in Korea, the only Korean singer to have been invited to New York's Carnegie Hall and Denis Sungho is the only guitarist in the world awarded by both the European Concert Hall Organization and Carnegie Hall. Clarice Assad has been composer in residence at Carnegie hall and has arranged and composed for the likes of Yo Yo Ma and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg as well as received commendation by Marin Alsop.

    Sting and Karamazov, Argerich and Sosa, Von Otter and Costello, Insooni and Denis Sungho. One-of-a-kind collaborations; two different musical worlds uniting for the common goal -- the music.
    Schubert and Schumann combined popular songs to make lieder; the 21st century will be the ''reopening'' of this tradition. Two lives, joining in music to celebrate their success.

    MY...''Conversation'' . A meeting point with Piazzolla and Insooni repertory.

    It is the first time in Asia for such a collaboration. It is in Korea.

    3.30 포항Pohang
    5.30 서울Seoul
    6.7 부산Busan

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    Denis Sungho Korea Tour. Between valses

    The Valse is famous for its festive New Year's mood combining nostalgia with happiness, fervor and elegance.

    Last year is over, let's make way for new possibilities.

    Denis Sungho was born in Korea and raised in Europe. He has been travelling all over the world, performing everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Seoul Arts Center, and the Berlin Philharmony to all the cities in South Korea.

    Between Chopin or Barrios Valses, Denis Sungho becomes one with the composer, like photos from his own life. Villa Lobos, Albeniz, Dyens, Giulliani, and Ginastera will be his companions for this traveller's diary.

    Daegu arts Center 2012-01-13
    Busan arts Center 2012-01-14
    Incheon arts Center 2012-01-18
    Seoul Arts Center. IBK 2012-01-31. Very Special Guest Star: INSOONI
    Pohang arts Center 2012-02-04
    Gwangju arts Center 2012-02-10
    Woolsan arts Center 2012-02-18

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    Denis Sungho, Korea Tour, Daegu arts Center 2012-01-13 Busan arts Center 2012-01-14 Incheon arts Center 2012-01-18 Seoul Arts Center. IBK 2012-01-31. Very Special Guest Star: INSOONI Pohang arts Center 2012-02-04 Gwangju arts Center 2012-02-10 Woolsan art

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    Sergio Tiempo, First Recital in Korea.

    Sergio Tiempo, first recital in Korea. Sens in collaboration with Intermusica, London.
    Freedom of spirit.
    Liszt, Beethoven, Ginastera. Chopin Etudes.
    LG arts Center, october 10th
    Daejon Art Center october 11th

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    Three soloists, three tempers together for a perfect summer afternoon. Franz Schubert, Niccolo Paganini, Handel Halvorsen, Astor Piazzolla Venues: Seoul Art Center: 2011, Sunday 6/19, 2:00PM Daejeon Culture & Art Center: 2011, Monday 6/21, 8:00PM Musicians: Guitar: Denis Sungho Janssens Violin: HyukJoo Kwon Cello: Patrick Jee Ticket: VIP120,000/R80,000/S 50,000/A30,000 Info: Sens management 02-749-8821

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    Travelling Paganini - Journey to the Sun

    "The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page" - Saint Augustin The first complete Paganini guitar works for Naxos begin with the Ghiribizzi, a serie of various pieces. Around the Ghiribizzi, Denis Sungho Janssens invites his friends to a road of sun. As many Italians moved to Argentina. The musicians will move from Paganini to Piazzolla. Musicians : Denis Sungho Janssens, Guitar Lorenzo Gatto, Violin Lyda Chen Argerich, Viola Younghoon Song, Cello Location : LG ART CENTER, 679 Yeoksam 1 Dong Kangnam Gu, Seoul

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    Dior Fashion Show. Denis Sungho Janssens, Song Young Hoon


    Aranjuez concerto, Seong Nam arts center

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    Travelling Paganini, Ebs space, Korean national TV

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